Process Management

Standards Lab requires 3 main processes to be running, the webserver, the queue worker and the in-memory storage server.


Using the Docker based deployment a webserver process is provided using gunicorn.

The webserver process runs the Django web framework and serves static files such as JavaScript and CSS.

Queue worker process

django-rq is used to start, manage and monitor the processes that test and process data.

The worker process uses django-rq to create processes when requested by the user. An example of a process is the CoVE process.

Restarting this process may cause any in-progress processes to be terminated. If this process is not running the Test functionality will not work.

This process requires a working Redis server.

In-memory storage server

Redis is used as the in-memory storage server.

Redis holds results from processes, is used by (django) RQ and as a cache for the webserver.

Restarting Redis may clear any in progress processes and results.