Hosting on DokkuΒΆ

Standards Lab is designed to be hosted on Dokku.

To set up an app, run these commands on the Dokku server:

# Set an app name
export APP_NAME = "standards-lab"
# Create the app
dokku apps:create $APP_NAME
# Set up the domain you want to use (you may need to use the dokku domains command here too)
dokku config:set $APP_NAME ALLOWED_HOSTS=xxxxx
# Create a Redis store, and link it to the app
dokku redis:create $APP_NAME
dokku redis:link $APP_NAME $APP_NAME
# Setup file storage
dokku storage:mount $APP_NAME /var/lib/dokku/data/storage/$APP_NAME/projects_dir:/projects_dir
# Configure the ports the webserver uses
dokku proxy:ports-add $APP_NAME http:80:80
# Set up the number of web servers and workers - change if needed; but at least 1 of each
dokku ps:scale $APP_NAME web=1 worker=1
# Set option - this is needed so that the about page can display what version of the software is deployed
dokku git:set $APP_NAME keep-git-dir true

Now deploy the repository to Dokku in the usual way (a git push or dokku git:sync command).

Optionally, add an SSL certificate by one of the usual ways. For example: